How to Best Online Roulette Software

Allow us to clear a few things up. No, we are not going to give you half-baked theories on how to predict the right number in roulette, that’s all fake and rubbish. We are no guaranteeing 100% wins every time, that too is fake! Here we present a hack to beat the systems casinos use for their games.

Getting the Right Casino to Hack

Getting the right casino is important, why? Because you want a legitimate site that is actually going to pay you your winnings and cash out the money in the right currency. Pointless trying to hack into an illegal website, because there is actually more risk of failure than a legitimate one, which actually comes with zero risks because this action to do this hack is 100% legal and non-intrusive to the casino.

Head over to this website and pick any of the legally licensed sites. These casinos have had the games tested independently so you have the perfect platforms to win from. These sites are also approved to be SA casinos so your winnings will be returned as ZAR currency. This is the first and only step you need to take to acquire the recommended online casino you can trust that will allow you to pull this hack off.

How Roulette Games and Casinos Work

So, how are roulette games made and how do they work with the casino? Just like great slots, roulette games are built using algorithms, whilst slot machines use the RTP coding, online roulette uses RNG coding which is a program that generates random numbers that dictate how the machine will payout. The algorithms collect data regarding what you spend, win and lose. This information is gathered by the casino’s management tool, every casino has one, so there is no escaping this fact.

The management tool builds a player profile, it knows what you play, how often you play, what you have won, lost and what you can afford to lose going forward. Everything you do is logged and stored. The system builds a cookie tracking program, so if the default of the games bets is 1.00 and you lower this to say 0.50, then every time you play this game, 3, days or 3 weeks later, that lower setting will always appear, why? Because the profile doesn’t want to change the course of information or data it receives from the game.

If you win 1,000,000 rand from online roulette, it won’t continue to pay out till the averages have been balanced, so you need to lose R1,000,000 for the game to pay out big again.

So, what is the important factor? Data! remove the data and you are back to square one and this is called the new player theory. Notice how all new players win, not luck! Lack of data!

How to Beat the Roulette Game out of Money

In order to remove your data and have the roulette games and management tool think you are a new player follow these steps.

  1. Log in or sign up.

  2. Play only the most popular roulette games, because they are used more, hence more money put in and they pay out more regularly.

  3. When you win a big bet, close the roulette game and move onto the next.

  4. Only stop when your profit has dropped to below 80%.

  5. Cash-out your profit and set the last bet you make to the lowest wager amount.

  6. Log off and clear your browser history, delete all your cookies and remove the app if playing from this.

  7. Wait 3-4 weeks and log back into the casino, reload the app and commence playing.

  8. Head to the last game you played, the default of the wager is no-longer the lower amount.

  9. Play and repeat the from step 2.

  10. Because casinos have regulations, they must also clean games of faults, this happens every month. You will notice this in the menu list that titles will move about. This cleaning of the game also boosts your chances of a frequent payout. So, if the default hasn’t changed, just wait a bit longer.

That is all there is to it. Enjoy!