This year The Association was presented with the coveted Stanley Duncan Trophy for conservation from the then WAGBI. This was awarded for the Association’s efforts for rearing duck and releasing them on sanctuary waters that were not shot over. The grand total at the time of the award was thirty-eight thousand birds released.

Ever mindful of conservation The Association started a project to encourage and record Snipe on disused land that was once ballast lakes originally used by the Grand Union Canal in Leicestershire.

After two years the Snipe Project received recognition by being awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Laurent Perrier Champagne Awards for Wild Game Conservation.

The importance of the conservation work at our wildfowl reserve at Priory Water was recognised by our parent body now re-named the BASC and The Association was awarded the Stanley Duncan Trophy for Conservation for the second time.

A cut glass rose bowl was awarded as second prize by The BFSS Jubilee Conservation Awards to The Leicestershire Wildfowlers’ Association for their work in re-claiming the gravel pits at Priory Water, managing habitat to encourage wildfowl, and providing observation areas for the public.

By this year the main roadside hedge at Priory Water had grown to the ideal size to be traditionally cut and laid. This was done by a local professional hedge layer and won the Quorn Hunt award for the best example of traditional hedge laying in the Quorn Hunt country.

Our ever on-going work at Priory Water reserve was this year presented by The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group the Ted Scruton Memorial Shield for Conservation.